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The Truce

Screenplay by BAFTA-winner Rick Cottan (WALLANDER)
To be directed by Golden Bear-nominee Edward Berger (JACK, DEUTSCHLAND 83)
In development

Set during the First World War and loosely based on real events, THE TRUCE is a moving, hard-hitting and richly thematic story which explores the extraordinary aftermath of an astonishing event which changed soldier�s attitudes drastically on both sides of the trenches.

�We are all soldiers here. But we are also men, and men cannot hate constantly, every minute of every day, day in day out, month in month out. And there was a gap in the hating. Christmas Day, for God�s sake. A glimmer of humanity out of which this man could not bring himself to kill another man. And you think that makes him gutless..? I tell you this � if this damned war is ever going to be won it�ll be won by men like Harfield. Men with guts. But also men with hearts and souls�� � Captain Fleming

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